About Doug Wood

Doug Wood is an entrepreneur who runs a multi-million dollar independent coaching business with his wife, Thea. Over the last nine years they have helped over 300,000 people improve their lives. They are in-demand speakers, co-founders of Valor Global Online, and the founders of Aradaya Media and Publishing.

Doug and his wife, Thea Wood have dedicated their lives to helping average people (just like them) with above average desires to live and become their best selves. They imagine a world where people live and express the riches within, rather than purely pursue the riches without. Doug and Thea’s authentic and relatable communication style creates instant connections with anyone who desires more for their life.

They have also been called the entrepreneur family, as their three children, Amaya (14), Katelyn (11), and Phoenix (2), are also writing books, speaking, starting businesses of their own, and fully embracing their family’s legacy.

Most importantly, the Wood family has chosen to live life differently, set apart from average. When they’re not traveling the world, they live in Scottsdale, Arizona at their property, Breakthrough Acres.

Church Boy To Millionaire from Thea Wood on Vimeo.